So you wanna buy one of the new Pokemon games but you don’t know which is better?

On the fence on whether you want X or Y?

Well you are in luck dear reader as we have all the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.


Like every Pokemon game released before Pokemon X and Y are two separate games i.e Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Both X and Y have their exclusive Pokemon which aren’t catchable in the other version.

Each game will also feature different Mega Evolution’s ( A new feature to the series) for Certain Pokemon.

Check out our Pokemon X and Y Version Exclusive Pokemon list below:

Pokemon X Version Exclusive Pokemon

– Staryu
– Starmie
– Pinsir
– Houndour
– Houndoom
– Poochyena
– Mightyena
– Aron
– Lairon
– Swirlix
– Slurpuff
– Clauncher
– Clawitzer
– Xerneas (Legendary)

– Mega Charizard X (with Charizardnite X)
– Mega Mewtwo X (with Mewtwonite X)

Pokemon Y Version Exclusive Pokemon

– Shellder
– Cloyster
– Heracross
– Larvitar
– Pupitar
– Tyranitar
– Eletrike
– Manetric
– Purrloin
– Liepard
– Throh
– Spritzee
– Aromatisse
– Skrelp
– Dragalge
– Yveltal (Legendary)

Mega Evolutions:
– Mega Charizard Y (with Charizardnite Y)
– Mega Mewtwo Y (with Mewtwonite Y)

Pokemon X and Y exclusive Legendaries

Pokemon X and Y exclusive Legendaries


In case you’re wondering, Pokemon Y has more exclusive pokemon than Pokemon X (17 to 14).

Do note that the Mega Stones can be traded so you can get X exclusive Mega Evolutions in Y. Also the recently revealed Legendary Z Pokemon, Zygarde, will be catchable in both Pokemon X and Y.

Zygarde: The Legendary Z Pokemon

Zygarde: The Legendary Z Pokemon


So Which Version are you planning to get?


Written by Lydon da Rocha

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